"Let my servant William go and proclaim my everlasting gospel with a loud voice, and with great joy.............."
Doctrine & Covenants 124:88

Monday, April 14, 2014

Monday, April 14, 2014






Dear Family,

Wow a lot of big news this week! Isaac also told me that Matty J and Tyler Chandler are getting married. Is that true? I´m so excited for Connor, that´s awesome!He´s a great guy. Good to hear about Monte and Jake as well, when will he be getting married?


So my companion Elder De Jesus got transfered today and I´ll be getting a new companion tomorrow. I really liked working with him, but I´m excited for the future. There are a lot of great things happening in the mission. I like that shirt haha it´s awesome. There is so much World Cup merchandise around here, you wouldn´t believe it. Everyone is counting down the days until June 12.


I´m happy that everyone is getting to go to the temple! Remember me the next time you go, it´s been almost 6 months since I´ve gone, because of the large number of missionaries in São Paulo now. I can´t wait to go back!


I had a special experience this last week.  A woman named Daniela and her daughter Julia were baptized. They were very well prepared to hear the gospel. Her ex-husband is in jail right now and threatened her and her kids when he gets out. They have to move this week, but it was a special opportunity to be able to offer the gospel of peace in her life. After the first lesson she asked the soonest date that she could be baptized. They want to take a trip to see the temple before they move, I think we´re going to go there with them.


I love this gospel and know that it changes lives. I love you all!


Elder Barker





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