"Let my servant William go and proclaim my everlasting gospel with a loud voice, and with great joy.............."
Doctrine & Covenants 124:88

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Monday, May 5, 2014

Querida e amada familia,

 How is everyone doing? I´m doing fantastic. My new area is really great. The new retention project is going great. We´re having success reactivating people and we´re also finding people to baptize. It really was a great revelation from our leaders. It´s exactly what we need here. 

 Oh big news.. I got a package! The white shirts arrived with the PMG cap. And just in time, too. My shirts are getting worn out. Thank you so much!

And yes, I´ll be able to Skype 1 hour again! I´ll be using the stake president´s computor. I´ll get on at 7 pm which is 4 pm for you, I believe. If that´s a problem, send another email and we may be able to call on Saturday night again. It´ll be good to see you all again! I´ll be using the Skype of Elder Schleiger, michael.schleiger from Derby, Kansas (which is currently the area of Elder Wade Eyre) haha small world.

Thanks for the Family History story! I´m excited to read it.

I don´t think I´m getting taller, mom. It´s just because Elder Schleiger isn´t too tall. I think he´s pushin´ about 5´6´. But that´s a sensitive subject.

We have had a lot of funny things happen to us lately. Yesterday during lunch there were a bunch of grown men jamming out to `Girls just want to have Fun` in a bar. They don´t understand the words, so they just dance anyway. 

 The work is great and I love you all! Have you seen the video `Because of Him` on the church website? It´s really cool. 

 Love you and I´ll see you soon!

 Elder Barker
Dear Mia,
Thanks for writing me. I love hearing from you. Guess what... Last week when I was in the street there was this drunk guy that kissed me right on the face and he offered me 50 bucks. He kissed Elder Schleiger too. It stunk really bad, but he´s a child of God as well, right? ( I didn´t accept the money)
Also, we were running home the other night and Elder Schleiger biffed in the middle of road and there were a bunch of people on a roof top laughing at us. Pretty funny. He also got peed on by a cat in the middle of a lesson, on the next day. He was stinking all day and all of the cat´s in São Paulo were coming up to smell him.
The mission is the best!
Love you so much! Stay sweet and keep taking care of the family!
 Elder Barker


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