"Let my servant William go and proclaim my everlasting gospel with a loud voice, and with great joy.............."
Doctrine & Covenants 124:88

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Monday, May 12, 2014

Dear Family,

It was sure good to talk to you all yesterday! Sorry for the problems with the Skype. But it all worked out. President Messias was impressed with the size of our family. I love you all and I´m grateful for all the support you give me. You are all examples to me, and help me be better missionary and a better person. I hope that I can be all that I should be as a representative of the Savior. And I´m sorry for ever being less than I should have been in the past.

 Sounds like everyone had a good trip to St. George. How´s Meg and all the other missionaries? 

We had BBQ with Bishop yesterday for his B-day and mother´s day. It was incredible. Imagine Braza or Tucanos times ten. It was so good. And they had a passion fruit (maracujá) cake at the end. Heaven.

 I´m very impressed with the simplicity of the gospel. The family is central to God´s plan. The simple things make the difference, scripture study, prayer, and family home evening. I´m thankful for the family that I have. I love you all so much. Have an awesome week!!! Let´s win.

 Elder Barker

I just recieved an awful email saying I´ll be going home in 6 months. November, 25 to be exact. I´ve thought about it,alot, and I feel that I shouldn´t extend, even if I can. I´ll catch that spring semester of school. Have to move on, right? So I need some information to send to the secretaries.
1. Are you planning on coming to get me?
2. President Cluny´s email.
and... I think that´s it for now.
Can you send it to me?

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