"Let my servant William go and proclaim my everlasting gospel with a loud voice, and with great joy.............."
Doctrine & Covenants 124:88

Monday, September 23, 2013

Happy Birthday to me.....September 23, 2013


I´m very blessed for all of the great people in my life. Thank you so much for the Birthday wishes! It´s going to be great day! B-day on P-day is a blessing. I´m gonna buy some groceries and clean the house a little bit and take a little nap. What more could I ask for? I opened the package, it was great. The Brasileiro, Chileno, e Peruano gostam de Oreos, Skittles and Beef Jerky haha My housemates are happy too! I haven´t gotten the other yet.

Thank you very, very much. I feel so old. Since when does 20 years pass by so fast? Fazer o qué, né?

Sounds like it was a good week, too bad for the Cougs. How´s Wyoming this year?

I love you all and so grateful for the positive influences I have in my life. I´m so grateful for everything the Lord has given me. I´m happy to give a little bit of my time in His service. President Pinho says that these 2 years are 2 seconds in the eyes of God. I´m seeing how true that is. Love you all, let´s take advantage of everyday that we live!

Elder Barker


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