"Let my servant William go and proclaim my everlasting gospel with a loud voice, and with great joy.............."
Doctrine & Covenants 124:88

Monday, October 27, 2014

September 1, 2014

Hey Mom!

Hope you had a great birthday. So, President doesn´t do that call for anyone else, he was willing to do it for me, but I couldn´t tell anyone else. He said that he left a message. Hope you liked it! So, I would love to live in that house, I think it would be awesome. Elder Cole really liked the idea too, but some of the Elders say that it isn´t good to live off campus as a freshman or sophomore. But, I trust the Hamblins. What do Josh and Hailey think of it?

For me, it´s great and Pres. already did the endorsement, he said that he endorsed me full-heartedly :). I´ll send the pictures again, and I still didn´t get the package, but I´ll keep an eye out. Thankk youuu!

Love you!

Dear Family,

 Another great week has begun! We had a great week and good things are happening in the mission. I ate at Fogo de Chão today. It was the fanciest place I´ve been to eat maybe in my whole life. I didn´t know what half of the stuff was. It´s a buffet but they bring the meat around like at Braza Grill and Tucanos. They even had free mouth wash in the bathroom. Sweet.

Last night we went to a musical fireside in a ward called Jardim Ângela. It was one of the best firesides I´ve ever seen. There is a lot of talent down here in São Paulo. It certainly brought a strong spirit to all that were there.

Well, congrats to the Red Devils on the win in Cheyenne. Keep up the good work.

A new transfer is starting and I´m really excited. It´s been fun preparing everything for this week. A lot of meetings and new things happening.

 So, I have to tell you about Renato and Laura. They are a great couple and have two kids, Agatha (6) and Vinicius (5). Well on Saturday, a half an hour before the baptism Laura wanted to give up and leave it for another day. She didn´t really have a reason for wanting to quit, I think she was just nervous and unsure about the future. Well, we talked with them and told them they were ready and bore our testimonies and told them that we loved them and just when I thought there was nothing more we could do, there was a pause, and Laura started crying. She said, "Why wait?" "I stopped smoking for this. I went to church for this. This is what I want." It was incredible. It was a pretty chilly night and the water heater broke (again) but that didn´t stop them. It was a very special experience. We´re going to take them to the temple garden this week.

I love the gospel and know that families can be together forever.

Have a great week and month of September!

 Elder Barker



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